GeneMill has published "Leaf LIMS: A Flexible Laboratory Information Management System with a Synthetic Biology Focus" in ACS Synthetic Biology. The manuscript is viewable on the ACS Synthetic Biology site.

Leaf LIMS provides a synthetic biology focused laboratory information system that implements integrated project, item and laboratory stock tracking, offering complete sample and construct genealogy, materials and lot tracking, and modular assay data capture. The LIMS can track project data from initial enquiry to completion, ensuring that any outputs produced during this time are tracked and the information on them made easily accessible. To ensure consistency of processes in the laboratory Leaf LIMS provides a task-based workflow system that can be easily configured, storing all required information and allowing for later analysis e.g. for diagnosing issues. It is built on the latest of technologies and is packaged to make it simple to configure and deploy on any system at no cost with open source licensing, meaning that it can easily be adapted to suit the needs of a laboratory.