Metabolomics is a field of “omics” research which seeks to provide comprehensive characterisation of the molecular metabolites present in biological systems, providing an overview of the metabolic status and global biochemical events. Analytical techniques provide data for interpreting steady-state physiological state of a cell or organism and of their dynamic responses to genetic, biotic modulation.

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Metabolomics - We can offer a full service to cover all biological systems and sample types. Working with you at any stage of the workflow including experimental design and sample preparation, deep high quality qualitative or quantitative data sets can be gathered using the most appropriate analytical platform and combinations of. Advanced statistical modelling can be performed for Biomarker discovery needs.

Mass spectrometer

Rapid Screen Service

Rapid screen service diagram

Detect differences in metabolite patterns, ideal for large sample sets. e.g. for disease state, mutants, biomarker discovery, or target compounds.

  • 96-well format rapid screening.
  • Suitable for larger sample sets
  • Metabolomic fingerprinting applied.
  • Data structure explored via statistical modelling.

Starts from £25/sample.

Comprehensive Metabolomics

Comprehensive metabolomics diagram

Provides detailed coverage of the full metabolome

  • Optimised extraction and analysis of polar and non-polar metabolites.
  • Advanced data modelling & chemometrics applied.
  • Basic compound library search for compound identification “hits”.

Starts from £96/sample.

Metabolic Phenotyping

Metabolomic phenotyping

Provides data for “functional” analysis of pathways and systems.

  • Optimised extraction and analysis of polar and non-polar metabolites.
  • Advanced data modelling & pathways analysis.
  • Extensive library matching for compound identification.
  • Multi-Omic data integration available.


Flux Analysis

Flux analysis diagram

Heavy label distribution through pathways, and metabolic fluxes.

  • Suitable for enzyme kinetics, engineered pathway optimisation, time-course studies
  • 2H, 13C, 15N isotopomers.

Price - application specific.

Metabolomic Phenotyping For Genome-wide Association Studies

Verifying & discover breeding targets

  • Relate phenotype breeding to metabolite changes – GWAS and MWAS approaches to discover novel candidates.
  • Discover functional basis of QTL’s.
  • Verify transcriptional based studies.
  • Detect important intermediate substrate changes.
  • Detect metabolic signature for apparently “Silent” phenotypes.
  • Optimise production and pathways activities in cell and tissue culture systems.
Various metabolomics equipment
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