Facilities and Access

GeneMill is a facility that provides open access to the research community. Based at University of Liverpool, GeneMill offers support to academic and industrial partners, who wish to apply cutting-edge technologies to accelerate discovery.

In addition to the contract research services listed elsewhere, we also allow access to equipment and facilities for trained staff to use themselves.

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Equipment Access

GeneMill is home to numerous pieces of world class equipment that help to provide our services. We believe it is important to allow others to access this technology for their research and therefore offer access to a substantial portion of our available equipment.

Access to these facilities are available through a booking system that allows you to reserve the equipment you need, when you need it.

MerseyBio and Biosciences building at the University of Liverpool

Research hotel

This model of interaction allows trained scientists to work in GeneMill, gaining access to equipment that may not be available in their own laboratories. Our dedicated team focus on your project and make sure to select the best platform, giving time and resources needed to move your project to the next level. A dedicated member of the staff will discuss with you the challenges and opportunities for your project and tailor solutions for your research. GeneMill can assist in the following areas: DNA Synthesis and Cloning, Synthetic Biology, Protein Expression & Optimisation and Metabolite Analysis, as well as Next Generation Sequencing, Single Cell Genomics, Metagenomics, and Bioinformatics.

Project Development

We can assist academic and industrial partners in identifying funding opportunities and preparation of grant proposals for interdisciplinary projects.

A range of funding opportunities are available regularly from the University of Liverpool through Business Gateway. A voucher scheme facilitates the development of relationships between academia and industry or other non-academic entities, providing up to £10,000 funding per project to support a range of activities to generate knowledge exchange and create impact.

Training and Workshops

GeneMill facilitates the practical application of advanced molecular biology techniques, through an exciting mix of theoretical and practical workshops, training sessions and courses.

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