GeneMill is a facility that provides open access to the research community. Based at University of Liverpool, GeneMill offers support to academic and industrial partners, who wish to apply cutting-edge technologies to accelerate discovery.

From reading to writing DNA, GeneMill and the allied facility Centre for Genomic Research provide a one-stop-shop solution from discovery through to scale-up, including ID of novel genes/pathways through metagenomic analyses, combinatorial libraries for protein optimisation and functional assays for targeted/untargeted metabolite analysis The facility features integrated labs that provide research support, hands-on training and tailored services in synthetic biology.

GeneMill offers academic and industrial research groups access to the following instrumentation on a "fee-for-service" basis.


Automated freezer

From TTP Labtech

Low cost, compact, automated secure biobanking facilities for 2-D barcoded tubes.

Mosquito X1 and HTS

Nanolitre liquid handling

From TTP Labtech

A nanolitre liquid handling system that can access any well in any microplate and transfer nanolitre quantities of hit compounds. mosquito X1 is capable of pipetting volumes from 1.2 μL down to 25 nL with no washing required and extremely rapid tip changing.


Robotic microbioreactor

From M2P Labs

Online-monitored high-throughput fermentation. Continuous operation 24/7.

CyBio Felix

Advanced robotic liquid handling

From CyBio

Compact liquid handling platform for the precise processing of whole microplates.

K6-2 Colony Picker

Automated colony picking

From Kbiosystems

Automated colony picking systems for a range of plate types.

Echo 550

Acoustic nanolitre liquid handler

From Labcyte

2200 TapeStation

DNA, RNA and Protein QC

From Agilent Technologies

Automated Electrophoresis system for RNA, DNA, and protein analysis.

QIAcube HT

Automated DNA and RNA extraction

From Qiagen

Vacuum-based automated mid- to high-throughput nucleic acid and protein purification.

QIAxcel Advanced

Automated DNA and RNA analysis

From Qiagen

Automated Electrophoresis system for DNA and RNA analysis.


DNA, RNA, protein quantification and QC

From Qiagen


Automated PCR setup

From Qiagen

BioTek Synergy HTX

Multi-mode microplate reader

From BioTek

Flexible monochromator-based multi-mode microplate reader.

Agilent 6560

LC Ion-Mobility Quadrupole Time-of-Flight (IM-QToF)

From Agilent Technologies

For global untargeted and discovery. Metabolomic applications.

Agilent 6460

LC Triple Quadrupole

From Agilent Technologies

For high sensitivity targeted and quantification of metabolites.

Agilent 7890B

GC-MS (Gas Chromatography Quadrupole)

From Agilent Technologies

For targeted and untargeted metabolite analysis.

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