Design and Synthesis

GeneMill specialises in the synthesis, assembly and screening of fragments of DNA. From design through to the building and testing of constructs containing the sequence of interest, GeneMill offers a variety of cutting edge molecular biology techniques to tailor DNA synthesis and fabrication services to individual customer specifications. GeneMill has partnered with Agilent Technologies, GeneArt, New England Biolabs and Twist Bioscience to be able to source the highest quality products for its projects.

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  • Construct design
  • DNA synthesis
  • Expression plasmids
  • Artificial chromosomes

Construct design

GeneMill specializes in the fabrication of synthetic DNA providing end-to-end support from the design stage through to building sequence verified constructs including:

  • Expression Plasmids
  • Artificial Chromosomes
  • CRISPR Cas9 constructs

Using a variety of cutting edge molecular biology techniques including, Golden Gate, Gibson and USER, GeneMill is able to taylor our DNA synthesis services to individual customer specifications.

Modular cloning

Modular Cloning Diagram

Golden Gate technology has permitted the generation of libraries of separate DNA parts such as promoters, ribosome binding sites, coding sequences, and terminators. These can be mix-and-matched to generate an abundance of different expression constructs ready for screening either by the end-user or taking advantage of GeneMill’s state-of-the-art phenotyping services.

Potential applications of the modular cloning libraries include:

  • Screening of affinity and solubility tags for protein expression
  • Mixing-and-Matching protein domains for structural and functional studies
  • Screening of regulatory DNA sequences e.g. promoters, operators, enhancers etc.
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